God's Pocket

Posted by Calum Sager on 16 April 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman recent death was a horrible surprise to all. Before his untimely death he finished a pair of films.
Later this year we'll see him in Anton Corbijn's thriller "A Most Wanted Man," but coming first this spring, Hoffman will feature opposite John Turturro in "Mad Men" star John Slattery's drama, "God's Pocket."nAlso featuring Christina Hendricks and based on the novel by Pete Dexter, the film follows Mickey Scarpato, who tries to cover up the death of his stepson in a "construction accident."

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Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams

Posted by Calum Sager on 15 April 2014

Here we have the video to 'Hot Dreams' by Timber Timbre. One of the standout tracks from new album of the same name. The visuals really capture the cinematic and romantic feel of the track while offering a slightly seedy undertone. The album 'Hot Dreams' out now is definitely worth a listen.

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Richard Mosse: The Enclave

Posted by Calum Sager on 14 April 2014

Using an extinct type of infrared military film, Irish photojournalist and artist Richard Mosse documents the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo, where 5.4 million people have died since conflict began in 1994. Ten years on, the eastern part of the country remains plagued by violence as rebel groups continue to operate there.

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How We Used To Live

Posted by Calum Sager on 10 April 2014

A unique celebration of post-war London by acclaimed director Paul Kelly, created through a compelling use of rare footage drawn from the BFI National Archive and original music by Saint Etienne with a spellbinding narration by Ian McShane. Using only colour footage from 1950 – 1980 How We Used to Live covers the early days of the welfare state up to the opening years of Margaret Thatcher’s reign. From the shadow of the war and the great future created by the welfare state to the rise of individualism and the triumph of the consumer society, it is as much a lyrical cinematic meditation on life now as then.

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15th Feburary

Posted by Calum Sager on 9 April 2014

Here is a mesmerising experimental animated film by Tim Webb. It is based on the poem written and narrated by Peter Reading. Live-action and stop-motion combine in this tale of rejection and its aftermath.

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The Photography Of Harry Gruyaert

Posted by Calum Sager on 7 April 2014

Harry Gruyaert, born in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1941, studied at the School of Film and Photography in Brussels from 1959 to 1962. Then he became a photographer in Paris, while working as a freelance director of photography for Flemish television between 1963 and 1967. Here is a small selection of some of our favourite pieces of his work.

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Gil Scott Heron - Nothing New

Posted by Calum Sager on 1 April 2014

On what would have been his 65th birthday XL Recordings announce a record of previously unreleased recordings by the late, great Gil Scott Heron. Speaking on the record, label head Richard Russell said “Nothing New is recordings Gil and I made in New York of songs he chose from his catalogue, just voice and piano, pure Gil. I realised that each song he had chosen was from a different album of his. He had carefully curated the selection, so the album serves as an excellent introduction to his previous output.”

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James Lavelle's Meltdown

Posted by Calum Sager on 25 March 2014

For the 21st Meltdown musical and artistic innovator James Lavelle will be the curator. Combining creative entrepreneurship with a radical artistic approach, James’ genre-defying portfolio spans music, art, fashion, design and film, and as part of his groundbreaking work with UNKLE, boasts acclaimed musical collaborations with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Cave and Thom Yorke.

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From The Vaults: Santo & Jonny - Sleepwalk

Posted by Calum Sager on 19 March 2014

"Sleep Walk" is an instrumental steel guitar-based song written, recorded, and released in 1959 by brothers Santo & Johnny Farina. Here are the two of them performing the song live on the Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show in the year of its release, complete with some back story on how the song was conceived.

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John Matthias - Spreadsheet Blues

Posted by Calum Sager on 18 March 2014

Here is the beautiful video for John Matthias's track 'Spreadsheet Blues' taken from his new album 'Geisterfahrer'.
In his new record Matthias combines composition ranging from solo piano to acoustic folk and neo-classical to great effect. These new visuals are a great accompaniment to one of the standout tracks on the record.

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